Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Tutorial Exercise

Group Members:
1. Amanda Woo 
2. Vanessa Lu
3. Anel Satayeva

Ministry of Education:
The Ministry of Education is a Government ministry responsible for Malaysian educational matters. The current minister is Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin who is also Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia and Idris bin Jusoh who served as Minister II.

To make Malaysia a centre of higher educational excellence by the year 2020

Mission of Ministry of Education :
To build and create a higher education environment that is conducive for the development of a superior centre of knowledge and to generate individuals who are competent, innovative and of noble character to serve the needs of the nation and the world.
1. To create a strategic and systematic plan for higher education
2. To reinforce the management system of higher education
3. To increase the level of capacity, accessibility and participation in higher education
4. To enhance the quality of higher education at par with international standards
5. To internationalise Malaysian higher education

Functions of Ministry of Education:

• Funding early childhood education services and licensing them to operate
• Resourcing state and state-integrated schools to enable them to deliver high-quality education to their learners
• Providing infrastructure support to schools, including managing the school property portfolio, which is the Government’s second-largest property portfolio
• Providing special education services to children and young people with disabilities and other special education needs
• Developing national guidelines and curriculum statements, which are the framework of key competencies and skills learners should gain from their education experience
• Providing services to learners, communities, early childhood education services and schools
• Supporting vulnerable children and families through cross-sector engagement
• Administering and implementing education legislation and regulations.

Ministry of Education Organizational Chart

Program Name - 1 Malaysia 1 Music
1.       Objectives:
a. To equip students with basic music skills
b. To develop students’ interest in music
c. To build the spirit of patriotism in students
d. To allow students learn in a more creative and fun approach

2.        Target Group: Students (2 Age Groups)
- Primary School Students: age of 10 – 12 Years Old
- Secondary School Students: age of 13 – 17 Years Old

3.       Implementation measures: 
a. Primary School Students: Students will be encouraged to learn patriotic songs on the flute to be played together on a selected day. Students will receive a certificate of participation

b. Secondary School Students: Have the choice to select own instruments be it traditional or modern instruments. And perform Malaysia’s patriotic songs in a group on a selected day. Best Performing group will be rewarded with 1 Malaysia merchandises or coupons; all participants will receive a certificate of participation.